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How to manage advertising process

Formulating and Implementing Advertising Strategy Advertising strategy formulation involves four major activities: Setting Objectives, Formulating Budgets, Creating Ad Messages and Selecting Ad Media and Vehicles. Objectives are goals that the various elements aspire to achieve individually or collectively during a […]

Advertising Process

Advertising Process The challenge of advertising goes beyond the act of creating messages and involves also the task of placing ads in the right advertising media and selecting appropriate measures to assess whether an advertising campaign has achieved its goals.

Advertising Functions

  Many business firms as well as not-for-profit organizations have faith in advertising. In general, advertising is valued because it is recognized as performing five critical communications functions: (1) informing, (2) influencing, (3) reminding and increasing salience, (4) adding value, […]

How to conduct Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA

How to conduct Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA By Mahmoud Elhefnawi What is FMEA? The System FMEA is a team-oriented methodology for minimising the risk of the development and it stimulates the interdisciplinary co-operation between the affected areas already in […]