The Three Most Popular Job Positions in Retail by John McElborough

The most popular jobs in retail today are salespersons, cashiers and customer service representatives. A quick glance at a leading technology store in most malls that sells televisions, computer components and electronics of all kinds reveals one or two managers and anywhere from one to six or more salespeople. They are usually paid a base salary and rely on some type of commission.

Indeed, retail jobs are all about selling a marked up item or service. In effect, that makes every employee a salesperson or at least that is what the owners of the retailer desire. Salespeople are everywhere: cellular service and device retailers, automobile dealerships, electronic “big box” stores, clothiers, jewelers and the list goes on and on.

1. Salesperson

As far as retail jobs statistics are concerned the most popular jobs in retail are front-line positions where a salesperson directly interacts with a potential customer, answering questions and suggesting certain goods and services. This position requires great personal communication skills, a definite degree of approachability and the confidence and knowledge of how to close a deal. Some salespeople work part-time. [Read more…]

Starting A Retail Organization Retail Essential Performance Indicators (KPI) Maximise Sales by Antinarelli Specking

Beginning a retail company indicates you’re excited. Did you realize by adopting Greatest Practice Retail Sales Overall performance Standards it is possible to instantly improve your sales and profit expectations by as significantly as 30%!

Why due to the fact attaining sales objectives is more than just about what’s in your shelves and what your retailer looks like it’s about getting a client focused mentality driven by essential performance indicators (KPI) to inform staff at every single level about the condition of the playing field. [Read more…]

IKEA Turns Common Sense Upside Down To Demonstrate Customer Service Quality by Ron Kaufman

Sometimes it’s the little gestures that make a huge difference in customer service quality. Going above and beyond to help people out on a “rainy day,” for example can make your company shine.

A great example of customer service quality in action comes from the retail world. At IKEA the furniture store, oversized umbrellas sit near the check-out.

The umbrellas are huge (3 people can fit underneath), colorful (in IKEA’s signature blue and yellow with a big company logo), and made of good quality materials (strong cloth, steel shaft, large wooden handle). Exactly the kind of umbrella you want to carry when it’s raining.

A small sign hangs nearby:

Sunny Day………….. $10.

Rainy Day………….. $3.

I did a double-take, then smiled at the clever demonstration of customer service quality. Rainy days are when you really need an umbrella. Common sense says a smart retailer could raise the price and easily entice customers to buy. After all, there is a captive audience for umbrellas on a rainy day. But IKEA is even smarter and opts for customer service quality instead. [Read more…]

Inspire Customer Service Improvement With Personal Diamond Awards by Ron Kaufman

The Olympic Games are a global celebration of challenge, performance and achievement. Around the world, viewers thrill to see who takes home the Bronze, Silver and Gold. I enjoy looking deeper, silently granting “Personal Diamond Awards” to anyone who goes faster, higher or longer and achieves a “personal best.”

What would the Olympics be like if we officially included the Personal Diamond Awards?

Imagine an athlete who wins the bronze medal as well as a Personal Diamond. How would that athlete react? How might the audience respond? Would the bronze medalist begrudge the silver or gold medal winners? Not at all. Would the silver and gold winners offer their sincere and heartfelt congratulations? Absolutely.

Imagine an athlete who wins no medal at all, yet still achieves a Personal Diamond. Would he go home beaten and dismayed? Or elated by his achievement? Would his compatriots be disappointed or encouraged?

Imagine an athlete who wins the gold medal with a Personal Diamond performance. How would the audience and athletes respond to that record-setting personal and global achievement? [Read more…]

The Amazing Harvey Mackay Demonstrates Impeccable Customer Service Skills by Ron Kaufman

Harvey Mackay is the author of Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive and other bestsellers. More than 10,000,000 of his books have been purchased around the world. He is also a master of using excellent customer service skills.

Harvey is founder of the Mackay Envelope Corporation and is one remarkable human being. I had the pleasure of sharing a speaker’s platform with him at an Achiever’s Congress in Asia where he demonstrated the meaning of impeccable customer service skills.
Harvey says the “real title” of all his popular business books is Prepare to Win – get yourself ready to succeed through vigorous and early preparation. He uses preparation to enable him to put forth amazing customer service skills.

He demonstrated this masterfully in the way he prepared for his upcoming speech in Asia. One month before the program, Harvey spent two hours with me on the telephone from his office in the United States. He wanted to know everything about the local audience: social trends, history, culture, economy, politics, races, religion, concerns, aspirations, hopes, fears and more. His desire to learn demonstrated impeccable customer service skills.

When he got off the plane in Asia, Harvey’s research and preparation continued, further demonstrating his customer service skills. He asked everyone he met for their personal insights on important issues of the day. By constantly asking and carefully listening, Harvey prepared himself (and his audience) to win.
He pored through the local papers and studied radio and television programs. He listened carefully to every speaker who preceded him on the platform.

And when Harvey Mackay walked on stage to deliver his 90-minute presentation, he had more customized notes sticking to the pages of his speech than I have seen anyone carry in years!
All his preparation paid off. Harvey’s integration of every idea, example and illustration was seamless. No one knew how many hours he had spent adjusting, improving and fine-tuning his speech for just this particular audience.

No one, that is, except Harvey Mackay. His attention to detail showed customer service skills that were truly amazing.

Key Learning Point 
Harvey’s original mission statement for the Mackay Envelope Corporation was: “To be in business forever.” His passion for preparation and delivery of exceptional customer service skills are two ways Harvey works to achieve this goal.
What if this was your mission statement?
How would you change your approach? How much time and effort would you invest to prepare, serve and delight your customers, partners and staff? How would you use customer service skills to help your business soar?
Learn from Harvey Mackay. Try it today.
Action Steps 
Harvey Mackay’s five rules for success in presentations – and in life:
1. Show up. (80% success)
2. Show up on time. (85% success)
3. Show up on time with a plan. (90% success)
4. Show up on time with a plan committed to excellence. (95% success)
5. Show up on time with a plan committed to excellence and then execute. (100% success)

About the Author

For much more of Harvey Mackay’s insight and practical wisdom, visit http://www.mackay.comRon Kaufman is the world`s leading educator and motivator for upgrading customer service and uplifting service culture. To enjoy more articles and tips on how to improve your Customer Service Skills - visit


Accident Reactions Say A Lot About Customer Service Qualtiy by Ron Kaufman

Imagine you are the manager of a fast-food service restaurant.

A mother comes in for lunch with her young son. Half way through the meal the child knocks his drink on the floor creating a big mess!
What’s the first thing your well-trained crew members should do? Clean the floor? Replace the drink?

Not if you care about your customers and your reputation for customer service quality.

First, take care of the mother. For her there’s personal upset, social embarrassment, a disappointed child and good money spilled on the floor. With a genuine smile you say, “Don’t worry. This happens all the time.”

Let her know the spill will be cleaned up quickly and a replacement drink brought over right away. This will do wonders for perceptions of your customer service quality.

Second, put the child at ease. In his mind there may be loss or sadness about the drink, and concern (even fear) about his mother’s reaction. With a cheery face, you say brightly, “Well, accidents do happen!”

Tell him to watch carefully as your “service professionals” clean up the spill. “And by the way, a brand new drink for you is already on the way.” [Read more…]

E-commerce Website Builder And Beginning Your Own Internet business

ecommerce 1E-commerce Website Builder And Beginning Your Own Internet business

The web has turned into a component of everyday life as it went online within the 90’s. Snail mailings has become dormant as well as seldom manifested exercise, except for dealings that require the trade of black-and-white physical docs, while email provides evolved as a genuine form of correspondence both in personal and expert environments. You can find tons of social network sites catering to each conceivable viewers. There’s probably the networking site that provides every conceivable neighborhood out there, through more common, open-to-all audiences which Friendster first penetrated as well as Facebook has become known for, to focused areas of attention targeted by simply Tumblr, Tweets, LinkedIn, Myspace . com and Multiply, amongst others. [Read more…]

Make the Online Store Rock and roll With Smart Shopping cart software Alternatives!

online store3 Make the Online Store Rock and roll With Smart Shopping cart software Alternatives!

Development of internet technologies has turned lives of recent shoppers simpler. They can basically buy the products of the choice without needing to hop in one departmental store to another, which too in a few clicks from the mouse. By doing this it saves their own effort and time.

No one likes to go to a crowded retail complex at weekends following a hectic schedule at kunne office. Customers is now able to shop with the heart’s content from the safety of the home and workplace. However , the job will be not too easier and hassle-free without smart shopping cart software remedies.

Right here the discussion is going to be carried forward about how more functional buggies can be created.

Appropriate Management of Stock [Read more…]

Exactly how Online Shopping Has Simple Everyday routine

Exactly how Online Shopping Has Simple Everyday routine

Allows face it. All of us live in a global filled with small malls, shopping malls, and price reduction stores. While some of the stores claims to be “conveniently” positioned in an area near to your home or even work, nothing can beat the convenience associated with online shopping. Once you use the internet, you might be saving yourself moment, energy, and also money. Take into account the it takes you to operate a vehicle to the shop and drive house. With visitors, what you believed would be a 15 minute trip to the actual grocery store could wind up taking you one hour. Not forgetting lengthy ranges, inconsiderate consumers, and the dissatisfaction when an item you require beyond share. Many of these problems can be fixed with a few clicks of the mouse. Shopping on the web is not just handy, it’s much less stresssful than traveling through store to store to buy everything you require. [Read more…]

Pros and cons Of Shopping on the web

Pros and cons Of Shopping on the web

The particular proliferation of the Web has led to growth of opportunities internationally. Online shopping is really a significant progress such developments. Though shopping online is recognized as a significant development it contains its own benefits and drawbacks in comparison with traditional buying.

Since online stores are open up 24/7 all over the calendar year, you can purchase a write-up any time; no matter you are in your own home or somewhere else. Before you purchase an item, you can observe checklist of all versions they offer combined with the cool features. For those online dealings, you ought to have internet access. While, visiting to some conventional store involves travel and also to look there during company hours alone. Occasionally you end up pulling your annoying children about! [Read more…]