How to develop new service , By MIE

How to develop new service

Services process Model for service life cycle

service life cycle



Market research

Try to find out and identify key benefits for your customers, by answering the following 3 questions:

- What are the key buying factors that customers value when they choose among our business and our toughest competitors?

- How do customers rate our performance versus competitors on each key buying factor?

- What is the percentage importance of each of these components of customer value?

By highlighting the best performance on each key factor, marketers obtain a market-derived, empirical collage of each supplier’s customer value propsition. Often the view from the marketplace differs from the organization’s internally-developed customer value proposition.

Customer value model

customer value model

customer value model

You have to cover at least the aspects mentioned on the customer value model

Each Service package should include the following ingredients

1- basic part:

the reason of being or organization.

In this part you will announce the commitment, terms and conditions to our customer, normally mentioned in the service contract that customer receives in his hand. (e.g. delivery time, price, features of the product / service)

Basic part must be written in the working procedures and staffs are trained on it.

2- expected part:

service package that the customer takes for grant.

This part normally is not mentioned in the agreement, nor announced to the customer; however customer knows that he will get it by default because all competitors are doing it. If customer didn’t get it, then we are out of the market.

Also this part must be written in the work procedures, and staffs are trained on it.

3- desired part:

elements that are not expected but valued highly

4- unanticipated part:

Service elements that exceed expectation and desire, the surprise elements

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