Customer Service Audit checklist, by MIE

Customer Service Audit checklist, by MIE

Auditing organization from customer point of view is major for services companies or retailers, this check list provides questions
by which you can assess your organization whither it is customer focus or not.
Scoring system



For each question give a score of 0, 4, 6, 8, and 10
Score 10: well implemented and well documented
Score 8: well implemented, fair documented
Score 6: fair implanted and well documented
Score 4: fair implemented and fair documented
Score 0: poor in documentation or implementation
Finally you may consider your organization as “customer focused organization” if you scare 80% or above as an average.
Good luck

Check list for customer service audit
1. Our organization and my department has a clear, written statement explaining what we mean by excellent service and how we create it for our customers.



2. Everyone who works for me knows our service statement and what it means.
3. We provide a clear statement to the marketplace of what we mean by excellent service.
4. We have published, advertised, unconditional guarantee of our service.
5. Everyone who works for me can explain his or her role in delivering excellent service.
6. I am 100% sure that their explanations would agree with mine.
7. I know the day-to-day things we can and should be doing to receive high marks from customers on a consistent basis.
8. Everyone who works for me knows the day-to-day things he/she can and should be doing to deliver excellent service.
9. I regularly (at least every other month) talk to my employees about the importance of providing excellent service to customers.
10. We don an excellent job of learning about the little things, the small details that are important to our customers.
11. We do an excellent job of managing the small details to a positive outcome.
12. We make a policy of asking customers what they expect from us when problems occur.
13. We almost always follow-up with customers to be sure that fixed problems stay fixed.
14. I frequently ask my customer contact employees what I and other support people can do to serve them better.
15. Customer contact and support people often get together and discuss mutual issues. I do not need to act as a “go between.”
16. Customer contact people are not held high esteem in this organization. They are expected to carry out orders, and certainly not thought as anyone’s “internal customers.”
17. Support people really do think of our customer contact people as their “internal customers.”
18. Every manager and supervisor in this division/department/unit is aware of his or her impact on employee behavior; we work hard at setting a personal example of good service to customers.
19. I am conscious that I have to set a personal example of good service.
20. We do an excellent job of continuously and actively seeking information that can help us improve service quality.
21. I frequently spend time one-on-one with frontline and support employees soliciting ideas about ways to improve service delivery to customers.
22. My division/department/unit has set clear standards for response time to customer complaints, questions, inquiries and other contacts and correspondence.
23. Everyone who works for me meets or exceeds those standards on a regular basis.
24. We do an excellent job of tracking the success of our efforts to improve service quality over time.
25. Everyone in the division/department/unit knows how we are doing at meeting our service quality improvement goals.
26. We make a policy of sharing formal customer satisfaction data with all department employees. We display this data where everyone can see it.
27. In my division/department/unit, informal customer feedback letters of complaint or compliment, phone calls, etc., are always shared with frontline and support employees.
28. I spend time in direct contact with customers on a regular basis, seeking feedback on ways we might serve them better.
29. Managers and supervisors in my division/department/unit constantly look for evidence of employees who take personal interest in resolving customer complaints and problems.
30. Such employees are frequently rewarded in a tangible way for their efforts.
31. Employees who provide superior service are frequently held up as role models for other employees to emulate.
32. Such employees know the specific actions and attributes for which they are being recognized.
33. Frontline and support employees are encouraged to look for better ways to serve customers.
34. We frequently make changes in policies and procedures based on employee suggestions.
35. Everyone in my division/department/unit knows that excellent service is important in advancement decisions.
36. Formal performance evaluations for all employees include a focus on delivering excellent service.
37. We frequently recognize teams and units for outstanding service performance.
38. Part of my compensation is based on customer satisfaction scores.
39. We update our employees on changing customer expectations.
40. I am confident that every employee understands how changes in customer expectations impact his/her job.
41. We encourage employees to go “above and beyond” for customers.
42. Employees believe that their “above and beyond” efforts are recognized and valued.
43. Managers work one-on-one with employees on ways to meet service quality standards.
44. Managers understand the need to reinforce positive service behaviors in customer contact people, as well as to correct poor ones.
45. We give customer contact people regular opportunities to meet together and share ideas, problems, and solutions.
46. Everyone in my department receives some form of formal training every year.
47. We train customer contact people to deal with angry customers.
48. We train employees on the company’s products and services.
49. Managers give updates on new or planned products and services.
50. We take steps to help employees deal with the stress of customer contact.
51. We regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure they make it easy for employees to deliver excellent service.
52. We are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for customers to do business with us.
53. We regularly work at making our service delivery systems more customer and employee “friendly.”
54. When there is a conflict between doing the right thing for a customer and following procedures, employees know that serving the customer comes first.
55. My division/department/unit has clearly defined procedures for what to do when mistakes are made or errors are discovered.
56. Frontline and support employees know what they personally can do to solve customer problems.
57. The way my division/department/unit is organized makes it easy for employees to solve customer problems.
58. We make it easy for customers to reach the right individual or area when they have a problem or question.
59. We have a formal process for collecting data on errors, complaints and comments; analyzing their significance; and modifying our systems accordingly.
60. When a customer problem is corrected, I am confident that it will not reoccur.
61. We do an excellent job of sharing information about customer wants and needs with sales employees.
62. All sales employees in my division/department/unit work to understand the wants and needs of potential customers.
63. Sales employees communicate directly with customer contact employees about the wants and needs of new customers.
64. Sales and support employees view themselves as part of a team, working together to serve customers.
65. Everyone who works in my department/unit/division understands the importance of retaining our current customers.
66. We do an excellent job of identifying specific actions and strategies to ensure that current customers will continue to do business with us.
67. I personally follow-up on customer service problems to ensure that they have been resolved.
68. If an employee cannot solve a particular customer problem, he or she can put the customer in touch with someone else who can.
69. We understand that the quality of service our customers receive is a direct reflection of the quality of service we provide to our employees.
70. Other divisions/departments/units provide us with the same high quality service we provide to our customers.
71. I am comfortable giving employee’s broad latitude to work on behalf of customers.
72. Employees feel empowered to take action to fulfill out-of-the-ordinary customer requests or solve unusual problems.
73. Employees feel personal ownership and responsibility for their work.
74. I feel ownership and responsibility for the quality of service provided by employees who work for me.
75. Employees in my division/department/unit believe that other parts of the company are committed to providing excellent service.
76. In meeting customer needs, there is good teamwork between different units of the company.
77. Employees in my work group work together to solve customer problems.
78. In meeting customer needs, there is good teamwork between different areas within the department/unit/division.
79. Managers and supervisors in my division/department/unit cooperate to solve customer problems.





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