How to conduct Gauge R&R study, By MIE

How to conduct Gauge R&R study


Satisfying the requirements of ISO TS or any other standard that demanding from your organization to implement Measurement System Analysis, a Gauge R&R ( repeatability and reproduce-ability) study for each inspection process you have has to be carried out and documented.

The main objective of the study is to prove that the measurement system arrangement is capable to measure or test the feature of the unit for the specified specification demanded by the customer. note that measurement system arrangement includes test equipment, inspectors, environment, test procedure.

Here is an easy, yet effective method to conduct the study which is 100% confirmed with ISO TS requirements for automotive industry, just follow it and use the excel sheet at the bottom to record the test and calculate the the final results.



gauge RR 1

gauge RR 2

gauge RR 3

gauge RR 4



(click here to download and use the excel sheet)



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