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A new Signs for Susan campaign is in full swing with a new billboard up in Puyallup click here for web page monitoring (please click the following page) details and another that will go up in the Salt Lake City area.

Also, try finding a Samsung LCD monitor repair manual that has lots of step-by-step photo instructions. I personally use this one. It contains in-depth repairing strategies for various LCD monitor brands not limited to only Samsung monitors okay?

Setup is via OSD and the buttons are nice and responsive, though the menu takes some getting used to. You will find a preset setting that you like or you can tweak it yourself to your own preferences.

The most recent addition to the website really struck a nerve of many of Susan’s friends family monitor web pages for change and supporters those who are Mormon and those who are not.

Am I being harsh? Perhaps. But I want to jar people into paying attention. Because in most cases a few little tweaks can make a big difference without requiring a major overhaul.

I know it’s a bit of an information overload but have a coffee, take a break then read the article again. This is a process and like all processes it can be learned!