Sales Audit

audit4A formal sales audit process can make the difference between success and failure for the following reasons:

1. Sales and marketing are the core drivers of growth and profits. Improvements in sales and marketing dramatically impact a company’s financial picture.
2. A sales audit provides an external, objective review of the process. Subsequent improvements have proven more effective than periodic internal changes to sales programs.
3. Sales and marketing costs represent significant expenditures in most organizations. Reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness is a prudent part of management and financial discipline.


The effectiveness of a sales organization impacts all areas of the financial statements for an organization. Operational costs, customer service costs, margins and revenues are all impacted by sales and marketing. Annual sales audits should be part of a financial review process that assists organizations in improving their top line and their bottom line through a measured understanding of areas for improvement within sales and marketing initiatives.
• Creates a formal process to Audit and review current sales and marketing functions • Provides valuable insight into areas that impact financial performance. ( productivity  improvement, margins, forecast accuracy, inventory planning)
• Creates a culture of measured discipline in sales and marketing.

Growth Opportunities

Sales and marketing are the driving forces behind growth and profitability in most organizations. An objective review of the process, productivity and effectiveness of the sales and marketing organization provides companies with a valuable erspective on areas of opportunity for growth and improvement.
• Highlights growth opportunities.
• Provides an objective, measured perspective on two key areas of a business.
• Aligns customer expectations with organizational perspectives.
• Provides Management with a tool to implement and measure improvement changes  in sales and market.

Operational Efficiencies

Operational efficiency is significantly impacted by the efforts and understanding sales and marketing presents to an organizations customer base. Significant process improvement and productivity gains can be implemented if the process of communication between sales, customers and operations is efficient and effective. Sales Audit processes provide valuable
insight to organizations on customer expectations, sales challenges and improvement opportunities.

People and Process

The responsibility of the Sales and Marketing departments are to deliver the growth targets set by the organization. A Sales Audit review and process provides an objective perspective from within the organization and from customers on the productivity and efficiency of a sales and marketing organization. The independent audit divulges new opportunities for growth, training, channel expansion, and process improvements .


Sales Audit – Areas of Coverage


1. People
• Assessment of your key sales and marketing personnel, from the executive team to the sales reps.
• Do you currently have the right resources and infrastructure to reach your goals?
2. Processes
• Are your current sales and marketing processes operating efficiently and maximizing profits
3. Marketing
• Is your value proposition and sales messaging relevant and effective with decision makers in your market
• Are your marketing activities held accountable measured directly with sales increases?
4. Measurements
• What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and are they being effectively measured, reported, and managed.
5. Technology

• Are your sales and marketing teams taking advantage of technology to maximize profitability, or are they held hostage to technology that hinders their effectiveness.
6. Strategy
• Are you currently taking advantage of the most profitable market opportunities?
• Is your strategy in line with your core values?
7. Culture
• Is your team farmers or hunters? What is their level of satisfaction and motivation?

• Does marketing, sales and other key departments or individuals in your company communicate effectively with each other?

8. Sales Channels
• Are you currently utilizing the most effective sales channels for your service or product?

• Are you effectively managing your current channels to maximize the relationship and profitability?

9.Client Satisfaction
• Do your clients share the same opinion of you as you do? How do they describe you as a company?
• Why did your clients choose you? What do they think of the sales process they experienced with your team?

10. Compensation Plans
•Are your management and staff effectively compensated to achieve sales targets?

• Are you achieving the right balance between base and performance-based pay?

Sales Audit  Process

Initially, we will sit down with key individuals from your team to map out the details and schedule interviews with your management, sales and marketing personnel, as well as a cross section of clients handpicked by you. The audit will be customized based on specific areas of concern prioritized by you during this phase. Our questions and format will be
reviewed with you to insure a level of comfort and understanding of our process.

Interviews and analysis (Fieldwork)
Individual interviews will then be performed by us over a two week period. Current reports and sales data, marketing and sales collaterals and other key documentation will be scrutinized.

A detailed report will be presented by our team to a pre-selected group of people from your company. Analysis of your current operation will be followed by specific recommendations to move your organization forward and maximize profitability.
SalesXperts are not your typical consultants. We like to think of ourselves as “resultants”.
Our credo is about achieving tangible results and return on investment for our clients, not simply leaving the report on their desk and wishing them good luck. We stand behind our recommendations and have the experience and know-how to help your team implement some of the mission critical items coming out of the audit.

Follow Up

For the audit process to be effective, not only do the recommendations prioritized in the report need to be implemented, but a thorough follow up process must be in place to measure progress. SalesXperts will engage with your company on an annual or semi annual basis to review and report on your progress with some of the priority action items that came
out of the audit.