How to conduct Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA

How to conduct Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA

By Mahmoud Elhefnawi

What is FMEA?


The System FMEA is a team-oriented methodology for minimising the risk of the development and it stimulates the interdisciplinary co-operation between the affected areas already in a very early stage. Furthermore, it provides a documentation of knowledge within the company.

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Customer Service Audit checklist, by MIE

Customer Service Audit checklist, by MIE

Auditing organization from customer point of view is major for services companies or retailers, this check list provides questions
by which you can assess your organization whither it is customer focus or not.
Scoring system

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ISO 14001, Environmental Management System, EMS, Audit Checklist, by MIE

environment6ISO 14001, Environmental Management System, EMS, Audit Checklist, by MIE


A Detailed checklist to evaluate the environmental management system


4.2 Environmental policy

  1. Has the organization defined and documented its environmental policy?
  2. Is the environmental policy based on:

Significant environmental aspects?

Corporate policy?

  1. Is the policy appropriate to the organization’s activities and their potential environmental impacts?
  2. Does the policy include commitments to:

Continual improvement

Prevention of pollution

Comply with environmental legislation and other requirements to which the company subscribes

  1. Does the policy provide a framework for setting environmental objectives and targets?
  2. Is the policy documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization?
  3. Is the policy available to the public?

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Can your commission calculations withstand an audit?, By Teanna Spence

Can your commission calculations withstand an audit?

Teanna Spence – Sales Compensation -�

audit2Now that you have a few months of commission calculations under your belt on your new sales compensation plans, how confident are you that the spreadsheets are set up exactly right and those calculations are perfect?

I audited hundreds of spreadsheets over my career and I can honestly say that there is at least 1 error in each of them if not more. Spreadsheet errors are costly.

Funny thing about errors, the compensation analyst�s phone will be ringing off the hook when there is an error that results in underpayment but rarely hears about an overpayment. Often when you confront the rep who was overpaid they say they didn�t realize it! [Read more…]

Sales Audit

Sales Audit

audit4A formal sales audit process can make the difference betweensuccess and failure for the following reasons:

1. Sales and marketing are the core drivers of growth and profits. Improvements insales and marketing dramatically impact a companys financial picture.
2. A sales audit provides an external, objective review of the process. Subsequentimprovements have proven more effective than periodic internal changes to salesprograms.
3. Sales and marketing costs represent significant expenditures in most organizations.Reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness is a prudent part of management andfinancial discipline.


The effectiveness of a sales organization impacts all areas of the financial statements for anorganization. Operational costs, customer service costs, margins and revenues are allimpacted by sales and marketing. Annual sales audits should be part of a financial reviewprocess that assists organizations in improving their top line and their bottom line through ameasured [Read more…]