A Live Answering Service Can Help Improve Customer Service by Seoacount

Any business worth its salt will be aware of the importance of making and keeping their customers happy and doing their best to improve customer service, and a live answering service allows businesses to do just that.

A happy customer could be the single catalyst to bring in thousands more; a dissatisfied or disgruntled customer has the potential to turn away perhaps more, hitting you negatively in the pocket. However, many of these businesses might not be familiar with the insights of what is required to help them improve their service to customers. Here are five strategies to excellent service that can help keep a smile on your customers’ faces ” and on yours.

1. Pay attention to customer satisfaction
At every natural opportunity try to have a quick chat with your customers. Talk to them at the register, on the phone if they call or by website if they leave a comment or make an inquiry. Ask them a few questions about your service that might help you gauge their happiness with you. If you have a live answering service, put these questions in as a part of their script. Where there answers show dissatisfaction with anything you provide, do all in your power and that is reasonable to fix the problem. [Read more…]