How To Transform Company Culture In 4 Steps by Ron Kaufman

Learning how to transform company culture takes commitment, dedication and a serious drive to change mentality. There are ways to make this happen and improve your company for the better. If you have the interest and determination to learn how to transform company culture, these four steps will help:

First, your intention that drives your effort to learn how to transform company culture must be clear. What do you want to do? Make a better product? Delight and keep your customers? Build a more powerful reputation? Create an attractive place to work, or an enlightened place to live? You’ve got to know where you want to go or you are never going to get there.

Second, your direction and desire to learn how to transform company culture must be known. Where are you now, compared to where you want to be? If you can’t see or admit to the reality of the moment, you can’t set a clear direction forward. What should be changed about the way things are? What should be stopped or started? What obstacles and challenges lie ahead? What must be overcome or created? [Read more…]

Transition from Quality Management to Business Management by Robert Badner

Many organizations develop and maintain a quality management system. The system was created out of an internal desire, customer requirements or simple need. The quality management system is an excellent building block for a company to grow from. The problem with quality managment systems is that they do not evolve and morph into anything different, they remain a quality management system.

The ISO 9000 series of quality management standards is an excellent choice when starting from the ground up implementing a quality management system. The eight principles of ISO 9000 provide the foundation upon which a solid quality managment system can be developed, deployed and mantained. When you achieve that where do you go? Many are left with an empty feeling that ISO 9000 is a bit simplistic for their needs and they require more demanding criteria, such as TQM or Baldrige criteria. [Read more…]