If You Lose Your Job, Avoid These 3 Things

If You Lose Your Job, Avoid These 3 Things
Back in 2008, right at the exact time the economy collapsed, my career collapsed. I found myself without a jobno warning, no severance, and quite frankly, no good reason.

As clearly as if it happened 5 minutes ago, I remember sitting there with my mouth gaping open, staring at the messenger of this news, not knowing what to doI was literally paralyzed while my life flashed before my eyes.

This was the first time in my professional career anything like this had ever happened to me. It was so startling to me! What made it even more bizarre was that I was actually crushing all the goals that had been given to me in the job. How could this happen to me?!?! (If you want more on this story, read HERE) [Read more…]

How To Pitch Your Boss On A Salary Increase – By Liz Ryan

How To Pitch Your Boss On A Salary Increase – By Liz Ryan


You could ask your boss for a raise right now, but if you launch that conversation without advance planning youre likely to go down in flames.

Sorry, I wish I could do something, but budgets are frozen until the end of the year.

Every boss has that speech ready to go. They have to, in case employees make random salary-increase requests out of the blue like the one Im trying to prevent you from making right now.

Our mission at Human Workplace is to humanize work, and a sub-goal of that mission is to remind people that work is mostly a series of human interactions. We pretend its all squared-off edges and plans and forecasts, but if you think about it youll realize at once that the mechanical view of work is hogwash. Work is a human thing and always has been. [Read more…]

17 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

Dave Kerpen

Dave Kerpen

CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

“Leave me alone!”

I said it to my boss at Radio Disney many years ago. I was a young, very high-performing salesperson, and he was my sales manager. Even though I was generating huge sales numbers, I was often late to work, or meetings, and every morning, as I passed by his office, he would look down at his watch and shake his head disapprovingly.

I knew I was wrong to be late, but I got increasingly frustrated by his looking down at that watch, his complaints to me, and his lack of positive recognition about my sales accomplishments. So one day, after coming in at 9:05, just 5 minutes late, and seeing him look down at that watch again, I marched right into his office and told him to leave me alone.

I got sent home that day by my boss. We eventually mended things, and came to an understanding about how important punctuality was to him, and how important positive feedback was to me. But our relationship was never totally mended. [Read more…]

17 Things The Boss Should Never Say

Dave KerpenDave Kerpen

CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

“Please, Sarah, you’ve got to be friendlier on the phones!”

As soon as I said it, several years ago to one of my employees, I felt horrible. It wasn’t so much that I had said it- it was how I said it, in front of other employees. Sarah began to tear up, I pulled her aside and apologized, but the damage had been done.

Leaders must be sensitive to the fact that the whole team is looking up to them. Everything the boss says is magnified because it’s the boss saying it. Two weeks ago, I shared 17 things you should never say to your boss, and over 700,000 of you read it, so this week, I turned the tables, asking 17 bosses from fast-growing companies in the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) what they thought the worst thing they could say to their staff is. Here are their answers- the 17 things the boss should never say- followed by mine:

1. “That Client Drives Me Nuts!” [Read more…]

How To Transform Company Culture In 4 Steps by Ron Kaufman

Learning how to transform company culture takes commitment, dedication and a serious drive to change mentality. There are ways to make this happen and improve your company for the better. If you have the interest and determination to learn how to transform company culture, these four steps will help:

First, your intention that drives your effort to learn how to transform company culture must be clear. What do you want to do? Make a better product? Delight and keep your customers? Build a more powerful reputation? Create an attractive place to work, or an enlightened place to live? You’ve got to know where you want to go or you are never going to get there.

Second, your direction and desire to learn how to transform company culture must be known. Where are you now, compared to where you want to be? If you can’t see or admit to the reality of the moment, you can’t set a clear direction forward. What should be changed about the way things are? What should be stopped or started? What obstacles and challenges lie ahead? What must be overcome or created? [Read more…]