How to conduct Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA

How to conduct Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, FMEA

By Mahmoud Elhefnawi

What is FMEA?


The System FMEA is a team-oriented methodology for minimising the risk of the development and it stimulates the interdisciplinary co-operation between the affected areas already in a very early stage. Furthermore, it provides a documentation of knowledge within the company.

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Process Capability Applications in ISO 13485 Following ISO/TR 10017 – Webinar By GlobalCompliancePanel by Dan OLeary


cpkwebYou can improve the implementation and effectiveness of your Quality Management System (QMS) by using statistical techniques. The techniques are broadly applicable across the QMS. ISO provides a technical report that explains a number of statistical techniques. The report also lists the QMS where the specific techniques apply.

Why you should attend: Process Capability Analysis (PCA) is a powerful tool used to describe, troubleshoot, and improve (Quality Management System) QMS processes. This webinar will help you understand the concepts of PCA and show you applications in your QMS.

Your Quality Management System (QMS) should be able to address these questions quickly and easily. If not, then your team needs to attend this webinar!

* Do you report process capability indices at your Management Review?
* Do you use PCA and capability indices to help you identify and prioritize improvement activities?
* Have you validated processes and improved them to ensure a Cpk? 1.33?
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7 Critical Principles of Total Top quality Management

KPI7 Critical Principles of Total Top quality Management

Total Top quality Management (TQM) is an method that organizations use to boost their internal processes and boost client satisfaction. When it is correctly implemented, this style of management can lead to decreased costs related to corrective or preventative upkeep, better overall efficiency, and an elevated quantity of happy and loyal clients.

However, TQM just isn’t some thing that happens overnight. While there are a number of software program solutions that can aid organizations swiftly start off to implement a high quality management method, there are some underlying philosophies that the company ought to integrate all through every single department with the firm and at each degree of management. Whatever other resources you use, you need to adopt these seven essential principles of Total Good quality Management as a foundation for all your activities.
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KPI ToolBox – learn how to design, fill with data and use Key Performance Indicators by Sam Miller

KPI term is for key performance indicators, the KPI concept is about
measuring and controlling business performance focusing on the most important
performance indicators. Does this concept works? How to make use of it?


There might be a number of viewpoints on KPI, and this concept can be used on
various level of organization. For instance, CEO might use KPI to measure and
control business, also, some managers can design and use KPI for their


Does KPI approach work? Yes, in sense, it gives you a necessary information
structured and represented in a certain way, but how good does it work? It
depends on who have designed your KPI, who is gathering data to be inputted in
KPI system, how do you analyze and use this data. [Read more…]