How to manage advertising process

Formulating and Implementing Advertising Strategy

Advertising strategy formulation involves four major activities: Setting Objectives, Formulating Budgets, Creating Ad Messages and Selecting Ad Media and Vehicles. Objectives are goals that the various elements aspire to achieve individually or collectively during a scope of time such as a business quarter or fiscal year. [Read more…]

Retail Metrics & KPIs to help you stay competitive.

retail kpi1Retail Metrics & KPIs to help you stay competitive.

In the fast paced world of retail having the right metrics and KPIs is essential for staying competitive. If you aren’t measuring it, you are likely missing key facts about your business and are losing out on important opportunities. Retail KPIs keep your business performance in perspective so that when you need to make a business decision, you have the right information to make sure your decisions improve the performance and profitability of your business.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 retail KPIs and metrics our customers use to monitor their performance.

The Three Most Popular Job Positions in Retail by John McElborough

The most popular jobs in retail today are salespersons, cashiers and customer service representatives. A quick glance at a leading technology store in most malls that sells televisions, computer components and electronics of all kinds reveals one or two managers and anywhere from one to six or more salespeople. They are usually paid a base salary and rely on some type of commission.

Indeed, retail jobs are all about selling a marked up item or service. In effect, that makes every employee a salesperson or at least that is what the owners of the retailer desire. Salespeople are everywhere: cellular service and device retailers, automobile dealerships, electronic “big box” stores, clothiers, jewelers and the list goes on and on.

1. Salesperson

As far as retail jobs statistics are concerned the most popular jobs in retail are front-line positions where a salesperson directly interacts with a potential customer, answering questions and suggesting certain goods and services. This position requires great personal communication skills, a definite degree of approachability and the confidence and knowledge of how to close a deal. Some salespeople work part-time. [Read more…]

Starting A Retail Organization Retail Essential Performance Indicators (KPI) Maximise Sales by Antinarelli Specking

Beginning a retail company indicates you’re excited. Did you realize by adopting Greatest Practice Retail Sales Overall performance Standards it is possible to instantly improve your sales and profit expectations by as significantly as 30%!

Why due to the fact attaining sales objectives is more than just about what’s in your shelves and what your retailer looks like it’s about getting a client focused mentality driven by essential performance indicators (KPI) to inform staff at every single level about the condition of the playing field. [Read more…]

IKEA Turns Common Sense Upside Down To Demonstrate Customer Service Quality by Ron Kaufman

Sometimes it’s the little gestures that make a huge difference in customer service quality. Going above and beyond to help people out on a “rainy day,” for example can make your company shine.

A great example of customer service quality in action comes from the retail world. At IKEA the furniture store, oversized umbrellas sit near the check-out.

The umbrellas are huge (3 people can fit underneath), colorful (in IKEA’s signature blue and yellow with a big company logo), and made of good quality materials (strong cloth, steel shaft, large wooden handle). Exactly the kind of umbrella you want to carry when it’s raining.

A small sign hangs nearby:

Sunny Day………….. $10.

Rainy Day………….. $3.

I did a double-take, then smiled at the clever demonstration of customer service quality. Rainy days are when you really need an umbrella. Common sense says a smart retailer could raise the price and easily entice customers to buy. After all, there is a captive audience for umbrellas on a rainy day. But IKEA is even smarter and opts for customer service quality instead. [Read more…]

Make the Online Store Rock and roll With Smart Shopping cart software Alternatives!

online store3 Make the Online Store Rock and roll With Smart Shopping cart software Alternatives!

Development of internet technologies has turned lives of recent shoppers simpler. They can basically buy the products of the choice without needing to hop in one departmental store to another, which too in a few clicks from the mouse. By doing this it saves their own effort and time.

No one likes to go to a crowded retail complex at weekends following a hectic schedule at kunne office. Customers is now able to shop with the heart’s content from the safety of the home and workplace. However , the job will be not too easier and hassle-free without smart shopping cart software remedies.

Right here the discussion is going to be carried forward about how more functional buggies can be created.

Appropriate Management of Stock [Read more…]